Common Custody Issues in Anderson

Issues involving the custody of a minor child can be difficult and emotional for everyone involved. When conflicts arise, it can make the process even more challenging. Fortunately, the right child custody attorney can help overcome these challenges.

If you are facing a custody dispute, there are numerous issues that can arise and impact your family’s future for years to come. Let Attorney Greg Steele offer you his insight on common custody issues in Anderson.

Custody Enforcement Disputes

When the courts issue an order regarding child custody, both parents are expected to follow it to the letter. This means ensuring that children return from visits on time and in the correct location, and that custody schedules are followed.

Unfortunately, not every parent abides by the terms of their custody order. In some cases, parents might fail to return the child following a visit or insist on dropping them off at an unreasonable place or time. Other conflicts arise when a parent is late to pick up a child. In either case, it is possible to petition the court to resolve these common custody issues with the help of an Anderson attorney.

Family Abuse Involving a Child

Allegations of child abuse are an unfortunate possibility in custody battles. Abuse and neglect require a lot of proof, which only makes these custody issues more challenging.

Any allegation of neglect or abuse of a child can result in an extensive investigation, even if the evidence is thin. These allegations can also lead to custody issues in Anderson. Under certain circumstances, an act of abuse or neglect could push the court to make emergency changes to a custody order.

Access to Information

When communication between parents breaks down, access to information about the health and welfare of a minor child could quickly become an issue. This can quickly lead to contentious and potentially hostile custody battles.

Depending on the terms of the custody order, the non-custodial parent typically has a right to information regarding the minor child. When this information is withheld, it can represent a violation of those custody rights.

Most often, these custody issues involve questions regarding a minor child’s medical care or health. However, disputes can also arise regarding their education or religious upbringing, as well. A court could require the custodial parent to provide additional information to the other parent regarding the child.

Requests to Relocate

One of the most highly contested issues that can arise during an Anderson child custody case is the possibility of relocation. When a custodial parent seeks to move away with their child, it can radically alter the relationship between the child and their other parent. For that reason, non-custodial parents often have strong feelings about the possibility of relocation.

Relocating with a minor child—especially to another state—may lead the non-custodial parent to seek to modify the existing custody order based on a substantial change in circumstances. The non-custodial parent has an opportunity to object to the move and make a case for why relocation is not in the child’s best interest.

Ask an Attorney about Common Custody Issues in Anderson

These are only a few of the common custody issues in Anderson, as parents may enter conflict over many aspects of child custody. If you are dealing with a custody dispute, it is in your best interest to seek legal representation. Reach out to Attorney Greg Steele right away.