Anderson Visitation Lawyer

If you are no longer married to your child’s other parent, you may need to create a visitation schedule to spend meaningful time with your child. Setting parenting schedules can minimize conflict between co-parents after a divorce and provide children with a sense of stability.

It is advisable to discuss visitation, custody, and other parenting matters with an experienced attorney before signing any legal documents. Let an Anderson visitation lawyer help you maintain your relationship with your kids.

What is Visitation?

Visitation and parenting time are terms that the courts use interchangeably to describe the time allotted to a non-custodial parent to spend time with their children. Anderson courts typically prefer to award substantial parenting time to non-custodial parent, unless there is evidence to suggest a history of abuse.

If one parent denies visitation to the other, it is essential for the latter to contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect their parenting rights. Judges can order one parent to allow the other time to spend with their child. Individuals seeking to assert their parenting rights should consult with an experienced visitation lawyer in Anderson.

How Do Anderson Family Courts Decide Visitation?

When it comes to determining visitation rights, local courts will only make decisions that serve the child’s interests. In some situations, individuals will reach an agreement regarding visitation by working with a mediator.

Regardless of whether parents decide to mediate, both parties should have their own attorneys to review any potential visitation agreements to ensure that such documents are fair to both. When parties cannot reach an agreement through a mediator, they may need to take their dispute to court. In these cases, a judge will eventually issue an order that sets visitation terms.

Courts give heavier weight to the wishes of children aged 14 or older on a visitation schedule that works for them. These cases are often complicated and emotionally charged, making it vital to enlist the help of an experienced Anderson attorney when attempting to reach a resolution regarding child visitation.

Understanding Supervised Visitation

If a parent displayed past instances of abusive behavior, drug use, or other harmful conduct, the court may decide that the children are not safe in that parent’s care. Even in these circumstances, judges in Anderson often prefer to allow the child to have some time with the parent. The court will only deny visitation in extreme cases where the termination of a parent’s rights is warranted. Otherwise, supervised visitation with a neutral third party or professional agency in attendance is a viable option for ensuring the child’s safety.

If a judge orders supervised visitation, that parent might have to pay costs related to the supervision. In most cases, these orders only last for a limited time. Eventually, the parent with supervised visitation may wish to speak to an attorney in Anderson about modifying the agreement to allow unsupervised visits with their children.

Work with an Anderson Visitation Attorney

Visitation allows a parent to maintain a meaningful relationship with their child or children. This time is vital for parent-child bonding.

If you are attempting to create a schedule to spend time with your child, you should contact an experienced Anderson visitation lawyer. The judge’s decision will impact you and your children for years to come.