Name Changes in Anderson

A person might want to change their name for countless reasons. While name changes are common after marriage or divorce, there are other situations where an adult may want to legally change their, or their child’s, name.

If you are considering a name change, you can benefit from the assistance of a dedicated family law attorney. Securing a name change in Anderson can be made easier with a competent lawyer by your side.

Name Changes during Marriage or Divorce

Name changes commonly occur in Anderson when two people marry or divorce. It requires little hassle, as long as the person changing their name is taking their spouses’ name or reverting back to their maiden name, respectively.

A spouse who wishes to resume using their maiden name must typically testify before a family court. They must establish that they are not seeking a reversion to their maiden name in an attempt to defraud creditors or for some other illegitimate purpose. This process is routine and does not usually result in any objections.

Process of Obtaining Other Adult Name Changes

Outside of marriage or divorce, it is possible for an adult to change their name under certain circumstances.

File a Petition with a Family Court

This process begins with filing a petition with an Anderson family court. The petitioner must attach the following documents:

  • Fingerprints and the results of a background check performed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
  • A screening from the Department of Social Services establishing whether the person seeking a name change is on the sex offender registry or the child abuse or neglect registry
  • An affidavit explaining why they are seeking a name change and which indicates whether the applicant is under a court order to pay alimony or child support


Some judges will hold a hearing before formalizing a name change. If a hearing is necessary, applicants have the right to have an attorney present. An Anderson attorney with experience in name changes can help ensure all the steps are followed and that the hearing is fair.

Changing a Minor’s Name

In addition to changing their own name, parents may petition the court to change their minor child’s name. However, they must involve the other parent in the legal action, unless the other parent is deceased or has lost their parental rights. As is the case with most legal issues in Anderson family court involving minors, name changes are determined in the best interest of the child in question. A lawyer in the Anderson area could help a parent collect and present evidence in favor or against a proposed name change for a child.

Talk to an Anderson Attorney about a Name Change Petition

There are different circumstances in which a person may want to legally change their name or the name of their minor child. While this process is often a formality, a name change petition has the potential to be more complicated than you might realize. Reach out today to learn how an attorney can help with name changes in Anderson.