Anderson Family Lawyer

Anderson Family Lawyer

Few legal matters are more emotionally sensitive than those involving your loved ones, especially if you and a family member fall on different sides of a dispute. Additionally, family law judges have great discretion in making decisions that will affect the lives of involved parties for many years to come. In both respects, guidance from an Anderson family lawyer may be crucial in achieving a positive resolution in your case.

Anderson Family Lawyer

Whether you are seeking to dissolve your marriage, address a disagreement over custody or support obligations, establish a binding agreement before or after you marry your partner, or even formalize an adoption, working with an attorney like Greg Steele may be key to protecting your and your family’s best interests.

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Benefits of Working with Greg Steele

Compassionate Counsel
Compassionate Counsel
Greg Steele Law will stand with you through your most emotionally difficult problems.
Greg has spent hundreds of hours counseling clients in and out of court.
Generations of Justice
Generations of Justice
Being a lawyer is in Greg’s blood. Both his parents were legal professionals.

What Goes into Dissolving a Marriage?

In legal terms, the process of getting a divorce is usually far more involved and complicated than just getting a judge to sign off on a divorce agreement. Depending on the life that a particular couple shared while they were married, there may be a number of additional concerns to address before a divorce can be finalized, all of which an Anderson family law attorney could provide critical help resolving.

For example, a skilled legal representative could be a crucial ally during the property division process. While there are some basic legal guidelines that courts are advised to follow, a judge’s ultimate priority is to ensure an “equitable” distribution of marital assets, so a comprehensive argument in favor of a particular property division arrangement could pay dividends.

Additionally, a knowledgeable legal professional could advocate on a parent or soon-to-be former spouse’s behalf in pursuit of a particular child custody, child support, or spousal support arrangement. Courts have a lot of authority over these matters, but there is still room for a dedicated attorney to help an individual party seek a favorable outcome.

Other Family Law Matters Legal Counsel Could Help With

Of course, divorces are not the only cases that family courts hear. For example, establishing a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can be a huge help for couples looking to set clear boundaries for their relationship and resolve potential disputes ahead of time, and qualified legal counsel could assist couples in drafting a thorough and legally enforceable document.

Our team could also help an individual or couple pursue a modification of an existing court order, seek visitation rights on behalf of non-custodial parents, and even counsel grandparents on their options for seeking visitation rights with their grandkids. Professional support from a legal professional can also streamline the adoption process considerably, allowing a family to expand and grow with minimal stress and legal complications.


What Our Happy Clients Say about Us

Greg made the process of writing our will and getting our estate in order painless and Covid friendly, such a great experience! Would do it again without question! Get your affairs in order!

- Jean J. on Google

Greg Steele is a top notch attorney that actually cares about his clients, unlike the droves of billboard/tv lawyers. You can trust Greg and can count on him to do a great job.

- Phillip L. on Google

Great conversation with Mr. Steele. He answered all my questions and concerns with great information and gave me great insight to my personal situation. Couldn't ask for a better consult and I will definitely be working with him if needed in the future.

- Anthony R. on Google

I have been advised by many of my friends. You need to get a good attorney. My answer has been, I don’t know how to find a good attorney. Non of my friends knew a good attorney. I went online. Found Greg. The qualities that hit me while I was talking to him were integrity and wisdom. I was impressed. The man is honest. You need a good attorney? Greg is a good attorney.

- Sam S. on Google

I reached out to Gregory for clarity on a tenant to landlord problem. He was very professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of my situation, and guided me on the correct course of action. Would definitely recommend his services.

- Seamus L. on Google

Greg helped us update our POAs and medical directives to SC standards after moving here from out of state. We were in the middle of the quarantine and everything was handled via Zoom, except for the signing, which was handled through effective distance signing. Greg’s a great communicator and easy to deal with, and you know his values are in the right place- helping his clients. I absolutely recommend Greg for your family law needs.

- Brock v. on Google

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Regardless of what issue brings you before a family court, the quality of your legal representation could significantly affect the outcome of your case. A dedicated attorney who understands your unique situation could pursue an outcome that suits your best interests and protect you from common legal pitfalls and obstacles.

If you have questions about what an Anderson family lawyer could do for you, appointments are available for confidential consultations. Call our firm today to schedule yours.

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