Anderson Probate Lawyer

If you have been appointed as Personal Representative of a probate estate, you are likely overwhelmed. There are so many forms and processes, and you might not be sure where to start. Greg Steele Law can advise you throughout the process. Our Anderson probate lawyer can help you do the things you’re able to do on your own as well as what you can’t do for yourself. We can make the complicated process a little easier, and give you a little more room to breathe

What Happens during Probate?

Step 1: File an Application or Petition

To begin the process, an application or petition is filed, and the court will appoint someone to be the personal representative of the estate. This person will oversee the entire probate process and make decisions on behalf of the estate, so it’s very important to make every decision carefully and intentionally.

Step 2: Cover Debts and Taxes

Once a personal representative of a probate estate is chosen, information about the property of the estate can be requested and determined. This involves contacting every financial organization with the proper paperwork proving your identification, as well as being notified of any standing debts and unfiled taxes. These need to be settled before moving forward.

Step 3: Property is Transferred

Finally, a plan can be established that determines a transition of assets. This has to be approved by the court, which will take into account the family structure, approval by beneficiaries, and more. Alongside transfer of assets, documents for some of the transfers must be drawn up and filed with the appropriate state or county officials to finalize the decision.

Greg Steele Law Is Ready To Help

Even with complete agreement on a plan, probate administration is not an easy process. Paperwork has to be filed at every point of the process and multiple organizations that must receive notification. Having an experienced Anderson probate lawyer by your side is crucial to a successful conclusion. Greg Steele Law has the understanding to help you through the entire process, so call today.