Anderson Custody Modification Lawyer

Custody decisions require a detailed evaluation of families and children. A court must consider many factors when creating parenting time schedules. Of course, as time passes, significant changes can impact custody schedules and make an original order impractical.

Modifying custody is often a challenging process, especially when parents do not agree. Whether you are looking to change your parenting time schedule or object to proposed changes made by your ex, you should speak to an Anderson custody modification lawyer at our firm.

Life Changes Impact Custody

In most cases, people seeking modifications do so because of a significant change in circumstances. For instance, one parent may seek a modification of custody terms because the other accepted a new job that will require them to travel frequently.

Additionally, when a parent moves out of state, the current custody arrangement might not be practical because of travel distances. A parent might also seek a modification if they suspect the other parent is abusing or neglecting the children.

In cases where parents share legal custody but engage in heated disputes every time they must decide on medical, religious, or education matters for their children, one parent may petition the court for sole decision-making rights. Regardless of the exact circumstances, a parent can benefit from contacting an experienced Anderson attorney to discuss the reasons for modifying custody.

How do Anderson Courts Decide to Modify Custody?

Local family courts do not allow frequent custody modifications, as constant changes in parenting time deny children a sense of stability. Anderson courts require a petitioning parent to demonstrate that the family experienced a substantial change in circumstances that makes the proposed modifications in the child’s best interests. In other words, a judge will not accept custody changes that are proposed for a parent’s convenience.

Proving that a change is substantial enough to necessitate a custody modification can be difficult. If parents cannot agree to a proposed modification, the petitioning party must prove that the change in circumstances severely impacts the child’s welfare or safety. Proving or refuting this position may require the assistance of a local lawyer who has experience in modifying custody decisions.

How do Custody Modifications Impact Child Support?

Changes in custody will often necessitate modifications of child support. A judge determines an appropriate amount for child support by considering many factors, including the amount of time the child spends with either parent. If a noncustodial parent becomes a custodial parent, the child support obligations might shift to cover their new child-care expenses. Working with an Anderson attorney might help parents better understand the process and the implications of any proposed custody modifications.

Hire an Anderson Custody Modification Attorney

Modifying a custody agreement can be difficult. While courts want to support custody decisions that are in the child’s best interests, they are often reluctant to modify these contracts for fear of disrupting a child’s sense of stability. Parents who can reach an agreement on their own will have an easier time modifying their custody arrangements.

If you are looking to alter a custody agreement or want to keep an agreement intact, you should speak to an attorney. Your Anderson custody modification lawyer will need to review the facts of your case to provide you with sound legal counsel and advice, so call today to get started.